Alice Elliot
Some attributes
First Age: 20
Second Gender: Female
Third Occupation: Exorcist
Other attributes
Fourth Nationality: Japanese
Fifth Origin: Shadow Hearts
Sixth Played by: WhiteRose-Aki
Alice Elliot (born 20 June 1993), human, is a young devout Christian who often visits the Tokyo Cathedral where Frollo is archdeacon. She is the owner of a white wolf named Blanca and is currently living with a strange man named Yuri.

History (Before High School Days)Edit

High School DaysEdit


Alice wears a blue and white mini dress decorated with white buttons on the chest. Underneath, she wears a white petticoat that adds volume to her dress. She has white tights which end at her thighs and brown shoes. Her white hair is held up in a bun with a blue ribbon. She wears the pendant given her by her father around her neck.


Alice is first met while helpless in pursuit. She comes off as very angelic, possibly naive, and definitely wary of Yuri.