Marios High School Days Wiki
Some attributes
First Age: 18
Second Gender: Male
Third Occupation: Student
Other attributes
Fourth Nationality: French/Japanese
Fifth Origin: Pokemon
Sixth Played by: Roxam

Clemont (born 12 October 1995), human, is a senior student at Nintendo High School as well as former gym leader of the Lumiose City Pokemon Gym in the Kalos region of France. Clemont is known to have a knack for tinkering with machines, and aims to be an engineer one day.

History (Pre High School Days)[]

High School Days[]


  • Period 1 - Advanced Calculus
  • Period 2 - Robotics
  • Lunch
  • Period 3 - French
  • Period 4 - Pokemon Battling


Clemont, despite being young, is extremely intelligent with a passion for science. He is a teen prodigy inventor. He is a very kind and respectful person who loves new challenges. He enjoys spending his time with his Pokémon and sister Bonnie, who he loves very dearly and would do anything for her.


Clemont has pale skin, and medium length bright yellow scruffy hair that appears somewhat electrified; he has a lightning-bolt-shaped tuft of hair sprouting from the very top of his head. Clemont is rather small in stature. He wears large round glasses, whose lenses tend to glare a lot. When not wearing his school uniform, Clemont wears a blue jumpsuit with a yellow collar, and yellow stripes on the knees and bottom cuffs. He sports a backpack-like cybernetic contraption (which he invented himself) on his back, with two robotic extensions which he uses to absorb solar and lunar energy (one appears to resemble like the sun, while the other resembles the moon). The white moon-like contraption also appears to be a cybernetic arm which he uses to grip and hold objects like a hand. On his feet he wears black shoes with white trim.