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Darth Maul
Some attributes
First Age: 25
Second Gender: Male
Third Occupation: Crystal Order Member
Other attributes
Fourth Nationality: Japanese
Fifth Origin: Star Wars
Sixth Played by: Roxam

Darth Maul (born 19 May 1988) is a Zabrak member of the Crystal Order, whose specialty is taking out specific targets. While he doesn't talk much, Maul does strike fear into his victims right before they're killed.

High School Days[]

Darth Maul (along with Al Mualim) brought Vanitas to the Crytsal Order headquarters to reveal their true intentions to the boy. Maul was present during Vanitas's initiation ceremony, and witnessed Al Mualim erase Xion's memory. Maul did the same thing the next day, taking Xehanort to the Crystal Order headquarters along with Al Mualim and Saix. He would also witness the initiation ceremony for Xehanort, Queen Chrysalis, and Davy Jones.

When the Crystal Order needed prime minister candidate, Lex Luthor, killed, Maul (with some help from fellow Crystal Order member, Jadeite), easily took care of the job, stabbing Luthor with his katanas and sending him falling to the ground from the 27th floor of the LexCorp building.


Darth Maul talks very little, if at all, and shows very little emotion. He believes his sole purpose in life is to serve the Crystal Order, nothing else.


Darth Maul wears a black robe, covering his black and red skin, and would sometimes have his head covered. Like other Zabraks, short horns stick out of his head, and his eyes are a mix between gold and red.