Some attributes
First Age: 15
Second Gender: Male
Third Occupation: Student
Other attributes
Fourth Nationality: Japanese
Fifth Origin: Ed, Edd, 'n' Eddy
Sixth Played by: Roxam
Ed (born 19 January 1998), human, is a sophomore student at Nintendo High School known for his dimwitted nature. He always hangs out with his friends, Edd and Eddy, and is the strongest of the three.

History (Pre High School Days)Edit

High School DaysEdit


  • Period 1 - Astronomy
  • Period 2 - Gym
  • Lunch
  • Period 3 - Algebra
  • Period 4 - Government

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Ed is incredulously strong for his age, diet, and lifestyle. For example, he is capable of carrying around a concrete sidewalk square with his mere fingertips. He also has a comically high tolerance for pain. Ed is even able to eat things that others wouldn't, such as when he ate his entire mattress.


Like Edd and Eddy, he will do anything for sea-salt ice-cream. He usually goes along with Eddy's scams to acquire money for them with little to no objection. Ed is a relatively nice guy, but is quite gullible.

Ed is a huge fan of horror movies and comics, especially those centered on aliens and monsters. Although, he sometimes believes the comics he reads are reality, and that he is a character from them, often blurting out obscure references and statements unrelated to the current situation or conversation.

Ed's favorite foods are gravy, buttered toast, and pudding skin. He adores chickens, stating, among other things, that they're "cuddly". Ed's phobias include wigs, broccoli, soap and deodorant.


When not attending school, Ed wears an army green jacket with army brown on the inside, a white and red striped T shirt, purple jeans, and black shoes. He has yellow skin, a blue colored tongue, a buzz-cut, and a uni-brow, his eye color is shown to be turquoise.