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Jack Cayman
Some attributes
First Age: 32
Second Gender: Male
Third Occupation: Chaser Guild Mercenary/Former Deathwatch Champion
Other attributes
Fourth Nationality: American
Fifth Origin: MadWorld
Sixth Played by: SmashFan127

Jack Cayman is a mercenary from the Chaser Guild, and a former champion of the bloodsport Deathwatch. He is currently taking a vacation in Japan, where some intense events are taking place.

History (Pre High School Days)[]

Jack was born in Detroit, Michigan on March 10, 1981. When he became an adult, he became a cop and was put on trial as a result of a hostage situation by criminals, thought Jack was not found guilty. Sometime afterwards, he found his way into the bloodsport Deathwatch, and shortly after he became champion, he became involved with a suicide bombing mission with the United States Marines, which he survived.

Afterwards, Jack retrieved a prosthetic arm with a mechanized chainsaw and became a mercenary of the Chaser Guild with a woman named Amala sending information on his targets.

High School Days[]

Jack took a vacation to Japan shortly after completing several missions, which just happened to be the first day of school at Nintendo High.

Jack Cayman.png

After meeting Peppy, Garrus, Shepard, and Phil at the ruins of Devil May Dine, which was destroyed by aliens, he followed them to the hospital, where he currently is.