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Janus Cascade
Janus cascade.png
Some attributes
First Age: 23
Second Gender: Male
Third Occupation: Mercenary/Cascade Gang Leader
Other attributes
Fourth Nationality: American
Fifth Origin: Wild Arms 3
Sixth Played by: SmashFan127

Janus Cascade is an American mercenary, and the leader of the Cascade Gang composed of him and his men, Dario Nicolodi and Romero Gigio. Janus' weapon of choice is a custom bayonet rifle he acquired from years past.

History (Pre High School Days)[]

Janus was born on October 20, 1990 in a town on the outskirts of Arizona. When he was just a small child, his parents were killed by criminals, and he was left on the streets to wander and survive alone. At age 8, he was about to kill a man who wandered by, when a woman stopped him. The woman's name was Keziah, and she took the young boy under her wing.

At age 16, when Keziah was on a mission, Janus went to a flea market and bought a ring for her. After leaving the market, Janus was immediately greeted with dead bodies and a dying Keziah. In her last moments, Keziah tells Janus not to betray himself and he can die smiling as as she is doing at the time. Afterwards, Janus put the ring on a necklace he wears nowadays and took the bayonet she had used.

Age 22, he became a member of the Cascade Gang of mercenaries as an ally of Romero Gigio, Dario Nicolodi, and a third man named Lucio. One day, as the gang had a feast in a bar, criminals attacked the civilians, and Lucio died off wounds, causing Janus to snap, leaving a bitter reminder of mortality.

Afterwards, Janus (who was now leader of the gang) and the men moved to Japan after hearing a rumor unbelievable mayhem happening in Tokyo.

History (High School Days)[]

(Work in Progress)