Professor Augustine Sycamore
Professor-sycamore official-art 300dpi-jpg
Some attributes
First Age: 30
Second Gender: Male
Third Occupation: Tokyo University Biology Professor
Other attributes
Fourth Nationality: Japanese/French
Fifth Origin: Pokemon
Sixth Played by: Roxam
Professor Augustine Sycamore (born 14 July 1983),

History (Pre High School Days)Edit

Born and raised in Tokyo, Japan, Augustine Sycamore longed to travel outside of his country of Japan. He got his wish after graduating from Nintendo High, traveling to the Kalos region of France to continue his education. Sycamore grew very fond of France, and considered it his second home (he eventually became a dual-citizen of both Japan and France). After getting a PhD, Sycamore returned to his home in Japan, and got a job at Tokyo University as a Biology professor.

High School DaysEdit

Shortly after the Battle of Toshima, Professor Sycamore was interviewed by CNN for his input on the possibility on whether the creatures that appeared there were Pokemon or not.




  • Professor Sycamore happens to be tied with Professor Oak as Roxam's favorite Pokemon Professor