Siegfried cutout 2
Some attributes
First Age: Unknown
Second Gender: Male
Third Occupation: Member of the Crystal Order
Other attributes
Fourth Nationality: ????
Fifth Origin: Wild Arms (Specifically 3)
Sixth Played by: SmashFan127
Siegfried (born unknown) is one of the members of the Crystal Order, as well as a direct descendant of the ancient demon race, the beings known as the neosapiens. He uses his ancient powers to help complete each mission, and uses it to quench his thirst for battle as well.

History (Pre High School Days)Edit

High School DaysEdit

Siegfried first appears at the Crystal Order HQ, asking if there was a mission he could take. Rassilon then gave the knight and Kazari a mission to capture Philip, and Siegfried obliged.


Siegfried is quite frankly a proud warrior, glad to destroy those that get in his or the Crystal Order's ways. He also seems to take work calmly, even when he appears in broad daylight near obvious places. Siegfried is also very proud to be a direct descendant of the neosapiens, and is very fascinated by the knowledge the ancient beings leave behind, even going as far as to use powers to attack the enemy.


Siegfried is always seen in his usual attire, consisting of blue knight's armor with a single blue horn on the helmet, which hides his eyes in darkness. While his right arm is donned in the blue armor, Siegfried's left arm is a demon gauntlet with purple fur and large yellow claws. On top of that, the cape he wears as part of his appearance is black and red.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Siegfried is almost never seen without his weapon of choice: a demon lance entitled Gram-Zanber, and he is an expert at using such a weapon to strike at his enemies. The lance can also be used to perform attacks like firing a Proton Beam out of the eye and at the enemy, and shooting up to four Negative Rainbows that swirl towards the enemies, but his most powerful attack would have to be Sieg Impulse, a non-elemental explosion that takes place in the center of the field and only harms enemy forces.


  • Gram-Zanber can also be classified as the Dark Spear.
  • Siegfried's name translated into the neosapien's style of naming is Zeikfried.