Some attributes
First Age: ??
Second Gender: Male
Third Occupation: JIA Consultant
Other attributes
Fourth Nationality: None (Originally from the planet Azarath)
Fifth Origin: Power Rangers
Sixth Played by: Roxam
Zordon, (unknown birth-date) the current Harbinger, is a being from a different dimension. He is a close ally of the JIA as well as the source (both directly and indirectly) of all the Kamen Riders, Gokaigers, and Power Rangers on Earth.

History (Pre High School Days)Edit

Zordon, a citizen of the planet Azarath, was one of five candidates to be considered for being the new Harbinger, the leader of Azarath, as well as the guardian of the Relic, the planet's most treasured artifact. Zordon was chosen as the most suitable candidate. However, not too long after becoming the Harbinger, his planet was invaded by Thanos the Destroyer and his army of S-Types, who was seeking the Relic in order to use its power to conquer all worlds. While Azarath was destroyed, Zordon trapped Thanos into a void called the Phantom Zone, and escaped (along with the four other candidates, who merged with the Relic) from his planet, seeking a place where the Relic can be placed safely away from the threat of the S-Types. After crossing to a different dimension, Zordon's ship crashed near Kyoto. Though he (as well as technology from his planet) survived the crash, the Relic (along with the other four candidates inside it), were nowhere to be found. Zordon would eventually find out that the Relic was found by Peppy's father, founder of Nintendo High School. Thus, Zordon was relieved to hear that the Relic was in good hands, and traveled across the planet he crashed in, making new friends, and giving others technology from Azarath, hoping one day they may be useful in case of a full-scale S-Type attack on Earth like the one that destroyed Azarath.

High School DaysEdit